Residential English Courses for Adults

We offer a wonderful opportunity to practice and improve your English in a 100% English-Speaking environment while enjoying a variety of activities in beautiful countryside only 200kms from Madrid.

In our Total Immersion courses, you live alongside your native English teachers, speaking only English from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.You can take an Intensive Weekend Course or a Five-day Working Week Course in either General English or Business English, depending on your needs.   By escaping from all the usual daily distractions, you concentrate solely on your English with classes, workshops and tutorials as well as on the spot fluency practice as you share meals, walks, games and other social activities with your native teachers.

We cater for small groups of four to six people meaning that there is a ratio of one native English teacher to each two or three Spanish students. This means that there is an emphasis on fluency in real-life English, 24 hours a day. Our teachers are fully qualified with twenty years of experience in teaching.

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Courses take place in Casa Oretani, a recently refurbished country guesthouse in the beautiful village of Picón, Ciudad Real just 200kms south of Madrid (less than one hour by AVE, two hours by car). The accommodation consists of three twin rooms and one double room, all with en suite bathrooms. The kitchen /dining room is designed so that students and teachers can be seated together for meals ensuring that English is spoken throughout.  The comfortable sofas and armchairs mean you can relax with a drink while browsing through a book or having a chat in the living room.

Outside we have a small swimming pool, a barbeque patio area, a converted barn/garage for workshops and the garden. Meals consist of the typical foods of the region of Castilla La Mancha and are served on site.